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Image Recognition Applications for The Future

Image Recognition

Image recognition is one of the most worked on technologies in today’s date, which comprises of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is already available in many fields performing successfully. It is most commonly used today for imagen organization of databases over the internet and for security purposes on smart devices. But the applications of image recognition are not limited to simple problem-solving. There are many companies working to provide better solutions to industries and using this technology. Here are some of the application of image recognition which will be a step towards the future.

City Guides


City Guides

Jetpac is a company which worked towards building a platform which can detect a location-based the images over the internet to provide information about the place in the image. It can create live data for users on the basis of images from platforms such as Instagram. You can use Jetpac to find out more about a travel destination which you saw in a picture on Instagram and plan your trip accordingly.

Automatic cars

Self-driving cars is not a futuristic technology today as companies like Tesla motors have already launched their first projects of self-driving cars. The technology has been tested to recognize the path and the objects around to safely make its way without touching any object. Self-driving cars today can maintain safety while maintaining a stable speed. The AI used for self-driving cars today is being tested for night vision to create the same experience even in the dark.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a major subject in the research field today as it can provide entertainment as well as proper guidance through complex buildings and unknown places. As the virtual reality creates a whole new world for us, augmented reality only adds new things to the real world. The scope of augmented reality is not just limited to gaming. Companies have been using augmented reality to direct passengers to the right platforms in train stations and airports.

Teaching machines to see

Image recognition combined with Artificial Intelligence is something we should be excited about. The machines today are been embedded with image recognition to understand their environment as compared to previous machines which were trained to perform only according to the data they have been fed. Today the machines can recognize objects and learn for themselves, although it is still not fully operative and still under development.

Helping with memory

Your smartphone can do a lot more than recognizing your face today. It can help you remember things as it will store the details of where you kept your objects and help you find them. Apps like Déjà vu have been already offering the solution of making visual notes. You can scan objects and find out the information available about the object over the internet. You can capture pictures of the things you do not know about and get everything available about them for your general knowledge.